Best of Boulder 2018: Best Fine Dining & Best Dessert

Best of Boulder 2018: Best Fine Dining & Best Dessert

Best of Boulder 2018 Awards

We are thrilled to receive gold in the categories of Best Fine Dining and Restaurant Dessert and silver in the categories of Restaurant Ambiance and Restaurant Service. Thank you to our loyal customers (and visitors) for your votes, and congratulations to all recipients!

On Best Fine Dining: “Thanks to Flagstaff House, patrons from all over Colorado have an amazing world-class restaurant to enjoy. Who wouldn’t want to spend an evening of fine dining atop Flagstaff Mountain, gazing across a plate of carefully curated American cuisine right into the area’s best panoramic views? While the views guarantee a memorable dining experience, it is the creative and perfectly prepared food and five-star service that will have you dreaming of a return visit before you have left the parking lot. Without Flagstaff House charting the course, one could easily argue that our famed culinary scene wouldn’t be what it is today. And yes, the wine cellar is tremendous and the deserts are the best anywhere.”

On Best Dessert: “The views from Flagstaff House are pretty sweet, but our readers say the sophisticated, world-class desserts are even sweeter. Looking down on Boulder Valley, diners can choose from at least a dozen incredible desserts. Try a poached Barlett pear with candied orange, gingersnap crumble, pear ice cream and ginger sabayon (an Italian custard). Or how about this classic? Warm rhubarb pie, with orange cream, rhubarb compote and black pepper ice cream.  (Grandma never put black pepper ice cream on her rhubarb pie, but she should have.) Wanting Something more simple? How about homespun ice creams including dairy-free selections. Is there any wonder why our readers chose Flagstaff House.”

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