White Wine Glasses | All You Need To Know

White Wine Glasses | All You Need To Know

“Doesn’t it all just taste the same? Does the glass really matter?” Wines are unique to the fact that it really does matter. The primary reason is aeration. Different wines need different glasses because they range in body and value. All great wines should be put in a vessel equal to their caliber. There are a lot of varying wine glasses and wine glass producers to choose from, which can be overwhelming. To simplify things let’s start by categorizing them into three main types: All Purpose, Bordeaux and Burgundy.

what glass is used for white wine?

Many wine glass producers like to categorize their stems based off French styles of wine. Big wines; red or white should be in the Bordeaux style. Where as lighter wines trend towards a Burgundy like stem. Then separating the two is the AP stem (all purpose) which is great for Champagne/ Alsace/ Rhone/ Loire varietals, a stem that hits the mark for all.

All Purpose, like the name can be used for a wide range of wine options: red, white, rose. They generally are smaller and more narrow; and are used for wines with higher acidity, smaller bodies or lower values. The versatility of an all-purpose stem is what makes them, “all purpose.”

Bordeaux stems are generally larger and more wide. They are used for bigger bodied wines, more specifically reserved for full bodied reds.

Burgundy stems are generally larger and more wide as well but may stand slightly shorter than a Bordeaux stem and will have a curve or a bevel in their shape. Burgundy stems also vary by white and red. White Burgundy stems typically have their bevel in the middle or closer to the base of the glass, while Red Burgundy stems have theirs at the lip of the glass.

what is the difference between red and white wine glasses? Can you use a red wine glass for white wine?

The main difference between red and white wine glasses is their shape and their size. All of which are used for three main functions:

  1. Directing the wine to certain parts of the palate.
  2. Directing the flow of aromatics.
  3. Proper aeration of the wine

Red wines typically require more aeration than white wines. The higher aeration is due to their tannic structures. It is used to soften the tannic structure and direct the flow of wine to the back of the palate. In contrast white wine glasses direct the flow to the middle of the palate and are used to help open up the wine’s more subtle intricacies.

There are a few exceptions to which white wine can be put in a red wine glass. Most of which pertain to Burgundy stems. The most common switch is a White Burgundy in a Red Burgundy stem or vice versa i.e., Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. All-purpose stems are interchanged primarily due to varying values of the wine.

Recommended wine stems based on varietal:

Riesling Cabernet Sauvignon Pinot Noir Chardonnay
Sauvignon Blanc Merlot Grenache Semillon
Pinot Grigio Syrah Beaujolais Chablis
Gruner Veltliner Bordeaux Blends Gamey Viognier
Zinfandel Zinfandel Red or White Burgundy Meursault
Alberino Malbec Dolcetto Montrachet
Rose Chianti Rose Rose

who makes the best white wine glasses?

The top white wine stem producers are:

  1. Zalto – produces premium, refined, elegant designs.
  2. GlasVin – produces higher quality, sleek designs.
  3. Reidel – produces higher quality, sturdy designs.
  4. Spiegelau – produces quality designs without breaking the bank.

top 5 recomended wine glasses:

  1. Universal | GLASVIN
  2. Universal | GLASVIN

    “The Universal,” – This all-purpose stem by Glasvin boasts a more sleek design. The glass itself is elegantly thin and very light weight, giving way to a more upscale feel. The designers of this glass give the drinker a modern stem for any type of wine.

  3. Precision | GLASVIN
  4. Precision | GLASVIN

    “The Precision,” – This white wine stem gives the same sleek design as the universal but is curated specifically for white wines! It can also be used for sparkling wines as well! Sparkling wines have always been notoriously served in coupes or flutes, but wine aficionados are debating more and more on what truly is their proper vessel. The argument is that their counterparts don’t actually serve your bubbles properly due to improper aeration and the lack of aromatic flow. Impress your guests by serving your bubbles in this! 

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  5. Zalto
  6. Zalto
    $517.99 ($86.33 / Count)

    “Zalto,” – Zalto has been the foremost top tier wine glass producer, with techniques dating back six generations. They are the upper echelon of wine glassware and have created unparalleled industry standards. Every glass is ultra-thin and designed with poised precision. Zaltos designs have set the stage for all wine makers and many other brands have tried to copy their impeccable designs. 

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  7. Spiegelau Classic
  8. Spiegelau Classic
    $40.96 ($10.24 / Count)

    “The Classic,” – Another option for white wines that are classically made from lead free crystal. Spiegelau is a European based brand that offers reasonably priced, yet refined designs. 

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    09/27/2023 09:40 am GMT
  9. Riedel
  10. Riedel
    $79.00 ($39.50 / Count)

    “White Burgundy,” – Riedel offers a diamond-like stem perfect for white wines like Chablis, Chardonnay, Meursault, etc. The larger body of the glass gives fuller bodied whites a place to fully express themselves. The breathability of the glass allows the drinker to truly taste all that the wine has to offer. 

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best stemless wine glasses:

“Why go stemless?” Although the debate still favors a stemmed glass, stemless glasses are making their way due to ease of use. A stemless design allows for easier clean-up and is typically more sturdy. Below are our Top 3 Picks!

Stemless | Glasvin

“The Stemless,” – By Glasvin is the universals stemless version. Great for any wine, it offers a simple more modern design. 

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Riedel Stemless Wings
$76.99 ($19.25 / Count)

“Wings to Fly,” – By Riedel is the perfect stemless glass for white wines like Rieslings and Sauvignon Blancs. The bevel in the base of the glass gives it a more unique design and also gives you the option to enjoy a sparkling wine in it as well. 

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Godinger Stemless Wine Glasses
$29.95 $20.95 ($5.24 / Count)

“Burgundy,” – By Godinger, gives you a stemless glass for either red or white burgundies, other lighter bodied reds or fuller bodied whites. 

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09/27/2023 02:35 pm GMT

“Choosing the right glass for the wine you are drinking is just as important as pairing it with the right food. It’s all about curating an elevated experience for your palate,” – Paige Bodine, Head Sommelier at The Flagstaff House.

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