Elizabeth Sammuri

Elizabeth Booth

Wine & Beverage


Elizabeth Sammuri is a Colorado Native who spent her younger years growing up in the Rocky Mountains as an avid snowboarder. Elizabeth was a member of the ISTC Team (International Snowboard Training Center), where she traveled around the world competing in the snowboard event of boardercross.

Elizabeth was first introduced to the wine business at the age of 21 when she began working for a small winery in France for a summer, though her true love for wine was passed along to her from a passion of her father, who is an avid collector of fine wine.

Working in wine shops, wineries and restaurants, Elizabeth found her calling as a sommelier. Her desire to grow brought her to Italy to study the wine region. While living in Italy, Elizabeth spent time studying viticulture and enology, taught about Italian wine in Sienna and found true love where she first met her now husband.

Elizabeth now oversees one of the most well established and internationally recognized wine lists in the world. To ensure that her guests’ expectations are not only satisfied, but also exceeded, Elizabeth takes great care and attention to staff education. Much of Elizabeth’s time at the Flagstaff House is spent roaming the cellars, reading literature based upon the wines of the world and of course dabbling in taste as a necessary perk. Elizabeth is an aspiring Advanced Level Sommelier and seeks to further her education through “The Court of Master Sommeliers.”

When not carefully scanning the cellars, Elizabeth is often found fishing, snowboarding or cooking. If Elizabeth happens to stroll by your table be sure to utilize her expertise, as she will surely find the perfect libation for you.