DiningOut Denver/Boulder: Denver/Boulder Chefs Share Predictions for 2019 Food Trends

DiningOut Denver/Boulder: Denver/Boulder Chefs Share Predictions for 2019 Food Trends


Chris Royster, executive chef and owner of Flagstaff House Restaurant

“I expect fine dining will gain even more momentum next year as the pendulum swings back from excessively casual/impersonal dining. Even though I know fast casual concepts will continue to open around the country—and they certainly should because they have their place and serve an important purpose—what I also know is what you can’t find at those places, no matter how incredible they are, which is a true attention to detail and an essential part of the trifecta of food, service, and beverages that make dining a true full-sensory experience. Starting with the way a guest is greeted and brought to the table, to the beautifully prepared and presented plates, to the careful, deliberate and thoughtful oversight by a server, diners still want a real experience sometimes, a place where you’re taken out of your everyday life and transported to a well-executed fine dining establishment. It’s a special experience that can’t be replicated in a fast casual/gastro pub environment.”


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The Flagstaff House Restaurant is honored to receive awards for the following designations from the Best of Boulder 2024: Gold: Restaurant Service Gold: Fine Dining Silver: Overall Restaurant Silver: Wine Selection Silver: Restaurant Dessert Bronze:

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