Best Wine Chiller Options (TOP 15)

Best Wine Chiller Options (TOP 15)

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What is a Wine Chiller? Let’s get to the point. You have wine, and you need to get and keep it cold. You need a better solution than storing your wine in a refrigerator or ice cooler in between pours and sips. That’s far too inconvenient. Thankfully there are some incredibly creative products that allow you to keep your wine bottle conveniently placed with a beautiful display. We will recommend our top picks, showcase wine chillers from marble, metals, and give you some great wine bucket options for your next dinner party.

top 15 best wine chillers

Restaurant Choice
Nagina International Hammered Copper Lightweight Ice Bucket

Perfect for tableside presentations this ice bucket and stand is lightweight and portable. With a flat and strong base you can easily move to the most convenient servicing area. Even when not in use, this wine bottle chiller bucket if a beautiful piece to have on display in your wine cellar or bar.

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Marble Wine Chiller Bucket

Available in White or Dark Grey Marble! Fits 750 ml bottles

  • MARBLE WINE CHILLER- Made of 100% smooth, solid, and durable marble, this wine cooler will add a touch of elegance to any event! This wine chiller has been designed to hold most wine and champagne bottles, but feel free to use it for any other beverages just as a bottle of water or juice for those hot summer days!
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Stainless Steel Ice Bucket

This Stainless Steel Ice Bucket Wine Chiller is a staple in hotel rooms across the world. With the double wall you will find that durability is a huge plus to this sleek steel wine chiller. Perfect for guest rooms, wine cellars and kitchen tables this wine buckets duals as ice storage to be added to cool down your favorite drink. Serrated ice tongs are included in this 3 liter capacity wine ice bucket.

Made from hospitality grade stainless steel this ice bucket is dishwasher safe with an easy to carry handle.

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MAXSO Wine Chiller

Available in 5 different colors!

Stands 8.6 inches tall

Perfect for the pool, beach or a picnic.

Fits 750 ml and champagne bottles.

Its stainless steel, double-walled, and vacuum-insulated design ensures that will keep wine, champagne, or any other like size beverage chilled for hours. No ice, refrigerator or anything else required.

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05/28/2023 12:08 am GMT
S'well Stainless Steel Wine Chiller | Teakwood

S'well has deep experience with insulation and cooling products for all beverages. Here they has brought a beautiful wine bottle chiller to the market with this breathtaking teakwood display. Triple layered insulation is vacuum insulated to keep your wine bottle at its coldest temperature.

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Holiday Pick!
Turkey Tabletop Wine Bottle Chiller

Hit holiday decor and function all in one with this seasonally inspired Tabletop Wine Bottle Chiller. At the dinner table or your drink station this unique display will surely bring the festivities right to your hosted event. The Turkey stands 16 inches tall to surely make and impression and stand out while keeping your wine bottle cold.

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Viski Convex Wine Chiller

Viski offers 5 different wine chiller options from buckets to marble sleeves. Focused on maintaining the coldest temperatures check out Viski products on Amazon.

Our pick is the angled double walled holster to keep the wine pointed towards you for easy access.

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Vinglace Wine Chiller

The Vinglacé portable wine and champagne bottle insulator is made of double walled stainless steel and is vacuum insulated, so it keeps your wine, champagne, and sparkling water chilled for hours. Lightweight and easy to carry, you can enjoy your wine anywhere you go. Beautiful gift box included. The original wine chiller. Copper and Stainless cannot be engraved.  

Available in 12 different colors!

Adjustable screws allow for the chiller to be adjusted to fit various bottle sizes.

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Marble Wine Chiller Bucket for 750 ml Bottles
  • BUILT WITH QUALITY TO LAST- our 7"x5" wine cooler sleeve are made of 100% premium quality marble, making it a classy compliment on any kitchen countertop or dinner table. Its sophisticated, modern, and sleek design is available in an array of attractive colors ready for any special occasion.
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN-To use this wine and champagne chiller, just place the bucket in the refrigerator 15-20 minutes before using then place the bottle inside and it's all set. It can easily hold a 750 ml bottle with a 4.7" diameter opening. When you're done, wipe it down and store the wine bottle cooler for next time.
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Oggi Wine Cooler | Stainless Steel
  • A double wall construction provides insulation so that your wine remains at its proper serving temperature longer
  • Quality stainless steel and fine craftsmanship
  • VERSATILE: Oggi's single bottle wine chiller can be used indoors and outdoors, on the table, in the kitchen and at the bar.
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Cobalance Electric Wine Chiller
  • Unique Design: This wine chiller is made of high-quality brushed metal refrigerated inner barrel and stainless steel lasing, it can hold single 750ml standard-sized wine bottle. Portable and elegant design allows it to use in small kitchen, condo, cottage, RV, etc. Enjoy your wine anytime, anywhere!
  • Your Better Choice: Compare with the ice buckets in the market, the refrigerated barrel of our wine chiller is alloy properties, which has better heat transfer function. Besides, It has no excessive water droplets, making it cleaner and more convenient.
  • Touch Screen Temperature Controls: The LED display allows you to view and adjust the temperature easily, the temperature of the wine can be easily controlled between 5ºC-18ºC(41ºF-64ºF). With this electric cooler, you don't need to worry about the taste of the wine due to the change of the temperature.
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Veuve Clicquot Ice Jacket

Are you or does someone you know have an obsession with Veuve Vlicquot? Perhaps you enjoy a champagne shower at the infamous ski bar "Cloud Nine" is Aspen. Or you know to properly ring in the new year with a bottle of yellow label. However you and your choose to enjoy your Veuve think of this sleeve as the perfect wrapping paper for your next gifted bottle.

This reusable 3D knit ice jacket will keep your bottle cold for an hour! With a built in handle this is the sexiest wine cooler sleeve available. Show up to your next dinner party in style with this perfect party favor.

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Forget about keeping the bottle cold. Focus on keeping the wine already in your glass cold. Vochill has created the most innovative way to keep your wine chilled all after you have poured it into you glass. Magnetic connections keep the "chill cradle" connected to a strong base allowing you to put the majority of wine stems directly into the detachable "chill cradle." Available in a stemless series too!

Loose insulated thick wine cups by the poolside and keep your favorite wine stem by your side.

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BREKX Berkshire Copper Finish Galvanized Wine Bucket

This galvanized wine bucket is rust- resistant and leak-proof. With a total capacity of 5 quarts you can easily add extra ice to ensure optimum chill. Build with durable materials this bucket will remain colder for longer than tine and aluminum buckets will. Wine Bottle Chiller Bucket.

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05/28/2023 12:05 am GMT
Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Wine and Champagne Cooler Set
  • Chills drinks within 5 minutes and keeps it cold for hours! No need for an ice bucket!
  • Just place the Rapid Ice Coolers in the freezer for 6 hours to activite the cooling gel. When frozen, slide the cooler onto the bottle for perfectly chilled drinks in 5 minutes! Contains 1 Rapid Ice Wine cooler and 1 Rapid Ice Champagne Cooler.
  • Designed to fit any standard-size wine and champagne bottle.
  • The lightweight fold flat design allows for easy storage and allows you take it to parties, picnics, barbeques and so much more!
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what are the wine chiller options?

1. Wine chiller Bucket

Wine Buckets can be a fantastic way to quickly bring your wine bottle down to a lower temperature faster. High end and premium wine buckets are made of a metallic material such as copper or steel. The metals react with the ice to maintain a more consistent temperature throughout. Since the metal rapidly takes the temperature of that surrounding it, the exterior bowl will not work to combat the ice. Whereas, a plastic wine bucket can be more approachable in cost, you will find that they are far less effective in maintaining a colder temperature for longer.

Most restaurants prefer to keep sparkling, wine and rose wines in iced wine buckets near the table being serviced. They can easily control how submerged the bottle is within the ice to help determine the drinking temperature. So, on a hot summer day they can pour short pours into the wine glass to keep your next sip as close to 36 degrees as possible. Wine buckets are intended to have far more space between the bowl and the bottle to allow for space to be filled with ice. Whereas the marble and metal wine chiller sleeves are meant to brush up directly with the glass of the wine bottle.

A wine bottle in direct contact with ice and ice water is the most efficient way to keep the bottle very cold. However, there are downsides to this approach. Primarily, that when submerging a bottle in ice and water, you are instantly damaging the label. Paper based labels lead to ink bleed and label removal from the bottle in an inconsistent way. So, if you are cherishing this bottle of wine and would like to either keep the label or the bottle as a keepsake, we do not recommend the wine bucket option. Another downside is that metal based wine buckets will often have condensation on the exterior or “sweat” from the internal temperature. This is just fine for keeping temperature, but the metal bucket can get tarnished from water contact over time. Which is why we just recommend using a brass, copper and silver polish to buff out the ugly drip lines from time to time.

Our Polish Choice
Metal Care Brass Polish and Cleaner, Shines and Prevents Tarnish
$12.98$9.99 ($1.25 / Fl Oz)
  • Polish & Cleaner - This polish quickly and easily removes tarnish to give your household metals a mirror-like shine; great for musical instruments, decor, and chrome accents
  • Safe for Multiple Metals - Safe to use on brass, copper, chrome, and sterling silver metals, not for use on treated or lacquered surfaces
  • Prevents Tarnish - Your metals will stay cleaner longer with this formula designed to leave a protective barrier on metals to prevent tarnish in the future
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2. Marble wine chiller

The old school classic that brings charm to the table. A holster for your wine bottle made of beautiful marble. The marble wine chiller option brings an aesthetic and allows for your wine to stand close by while remaining at a cool temperature. Marble is terrific for keeping items cool. Marble naturally feels cold because of the way it reacts with heat. Being a dense and hard stone, this allows for heat to transfer through the rock incredibly quickly. Marble can handle excessive heat temperatures but on a small-scale unit such as a wine bottle holder you will find that the marble loves to stay cold. Learn more about marble and temperature.

Marble wine chillers have a circumference that exceeds that of the average wine bottle. Meaning that when you place your wine bottle inside the ring there is no direct contact between the bottle and the marble. The radiating cold temperatures slowly transfer to the bottom half of the wine bottle that is submerged in the marble holster. There are many companies that have varieties of marble colors and unique patterns, you will also find opportunities to customize your marble wine chiller. Customization is great for gifting and in home flare. The only real downside to a marble wine chiller is that it will take up space in your freezer, as this is the best place to keep it consistently cold until you are ready to use. We all know freezer space is hard to come by.

3. wine bottle Koozie

Recall those neoprene koozies that golfers and beach goers use to keep an individual beer cold? Well, they are now also made for white and rose wine bottles! This is the third best option after an ice bucket and a marble wine chiller as it simply acts as a single layer of insulation to what has to be an already cold wine bottle. The neoprene koozie is wonderful of picnics and outdoor events but is less satisfactory if dinner parties and more formal settings. Just like wine coolers, this does provide a wonderful perk of customization for an additional marginal charge.

4. vinglace wine chiller

Vinglace wine chillers have soared to become the most popular portable single wine bottle cooling system around. Their unique design and compatibility with most champagne and wine bottles gives your wine a sophisticated and edgy look. With double walls of stainless steel that have been vacuum sealed makes for a “yeti” like insulation to the wine bottle. The Vinglace Wine Chiller is naturally light in weight and easy to carry. Some options are also customizable laser engraving with a well wish or title. Match a lined wine glass for portable fun in the sun. Vinglace wine chillers make the perfect gift for your wine loving companion.

Wine refrigerators

Enjoying the perfect glass of wine is determined by how it is stored. Temperature has a great effect on the quality of the wine. To learn more about wine storage temperatures and see recommendations for your wine storage click below to learn more.


We have diligently rated and reviewed all of the wine refrigerators on the market. We sourced for Large Wine Refrigerators and Mini Wine Fridges to determine what refrigerator system will best suit your needs (see also ‘Best Mini Fridge‘). To learn more please find our buyers guides that have already helped thousands find the perfect wine refrigerator for them.


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