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If you live in a seasonal state you are probably getting ready to tend to your garden, clean up your patio furniture and get to grillin’. Tis the season for hosting outdoor events is upon us. What better way to spend your weekends than with your friends, family and some outdoor BBQ. We always say, why cook inside when you can cook outside with 90% less clean up.


alternative grills

Need something different? Tired of the same old grill routine? Sick of being stuck in front of the bricks while everyone else laughs and plays? Well, invite them to prepare their own meal with an inclusive and “fondue like” grilling experience with ‘Backyard Hibachi’ and “Sea Island Forge.’


Made in the USA, these flat top griddles will add a dramatic change to your grilling routine. There are many benefits to straying to another outdoor heating device, here are our top 3!

  1. CONSISTENCY | There is no space for error. The entire hot pad stays at the same temperature throughout. Your meal will not cook at a different temperature based off of the location on the grill rack.
  2. UNBIASED | Your fish wont stick. Your chicken wont tear. Your veggies wont ignite. We find that all products can triumph if operated accordingly.
  3. INTERACTIVE | The best benefit is the inclusivity your friends and family will love. What better way to spend a summer day than around delicious food. Keep the griddle rolling and let anyone make their own plate or cook for you. Hang around and play with techniques and your own creativity.


Truth be told, there is no better way to spend an evening than by a fire. Go back to our human roots of open flame cooking. Eliminate the high risk of fire danger, and keep your home safe. No digging to ruin your backyard; just an open flame to be enjoyed by you and yours.

Sea Island Forge hand welds their fire kettles in the USA. Family owned and operated (just like us), the Schoettle family produces the best fire pits in the world. From 30 to 50 gallon kettles you will have ample cooking space for your event. Find all the necessary kettles and accessories by selecting below.




best food to cook over an open flame

You name it you can grill it. Our chefs tips are to always toss your vegetables in oil and seasoning before grilling.

electric portable grills

In need of something smaller and more convenient on the road. Look into some of the best portable and “fun size” grills on the market. In your house or on the road, an electric griddle will get the job done. Say what you want about a lack of flame, cooking after-all is based on heat + time. The portable grills from ‘Atgrills’ will get the job done where ever you have access to power. May new vehicles have outlets located in the tailgate making the ‘Atgrill’ the go to purchase for those our of service limits. Click below to see their whole line up of products.



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