Adam Monette

General Manager & Co-Owner

Adam Monette, Co-Owner and General Manager of Flagstaff House, represents the third generation of the Monette family. He began his culinary journey under the guidance of his father, Mark, who was known for his expertise in French culinary traditions. Adam’s hospitality career began early in life as a prep cook and dishwasher in his early teens, instilling values of hard work and attention to detail. Trained by his father and uncle, Scott Monette, he gained insights and inspiration in the hospitality field while working in every position in the business.

Adam’s career at Flagstaff House involved diverse kitchen and dining room roles. His broader hospitality experience includes working in various restaurants and hotels. Engaging with startups early in his career fueled his entrepreneurial ambitions. In 2022, Adam and Chef Chris Royster purchased Flagstaff House.

Adam’s expertise, honed through a lifetime as a dedicated student of fine dining, extends beyond his official roles. Outside Flagstaff House, Adam participates in ‘Ironman’ triathlons and enjoys quality time with his wife and two children.

Adam’s journey, from dishwashing to leadership at Flagstaff House, reflects his unwavering dedication to the culinary arts and the enduring Monette family legacy. Under his guidance, Flagstaff House continues to evolve, offering an enhanced dining experience for all guests, making it a cherished destination for life’s milestones.