Ali Yakich

Wine & Beverage Director

Ali Yakich, a Colorado native with a passion for the world of food and wine, brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to the Flagstaff House Restaurant as our esteemed Wine and Beverage Director. Ali’s journey into the culinary and wine industry is a remarkable one, underscored by her dedication to her craft and a deep-rooted love for gastronomy.

Ali’s gastronomic odyssey began in her home state of Colorado, where her lifelong affinity for food and wine was nurtured. Her formal education commenced at Iowa State University, where she studied Hospitality, setting the foundation for her future in the industry. Her quest for knowledge led her to Australia, where she attended the International College of Management in Sydney, significantly expanding her understanding of the world of wine.

Subsequently, Ali ventured to Texas, where she joined the team at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin, furthering her career in the hospitality field. Her journey continued at the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston, where she took on various roles, including orchestrating the beloved Teddy Bear Tea seasons and managing the beverage program. Ali’s expertise and dedication culminated in her appointment as General Manager and Sommelier at Deuxave, a cherished Back Bay establishment known for its fine dining and recipient of the prestigious Forbes Four Star rating.

Ali’s passion for wine was not confined to her role at Deuxave. She actively participated in events and competitions such as Somms Under Fire, Chaine des Rotisseurs Young Sommeliers, and served on the Sommelier Team for the Newport Wine Festival. Her commitment extended to volunteering at the TexSom Conference, being a member of the sommelier team at Auction Napa Valley and a capitan sommelier at Pebble Beach Food & Wine. Ali has amassed an impressive array of certifications, including being a Certified Sommelier by the Court of Master Sommeliers, a VinItaly Italian Maestro, and a Certified Scotch Professional, among others.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Ali’s adventurous spirit thrives. She finds joy in exploring new places, crafting maps, and creating flashcards to continue her quest for knowledge. Additionally, she enjoys engaging in trivia, a testament to her insatiable curiosity, and embarks on a quest to discover the finest tiki cocktails in every city she visits.

Ali Yakich’s dedication to her craft, her extensive expertise, and her unwavering commitment to the world of food and wine make her an invaluable asset to the Flagstaff House Restaurant. Her passion for excellence and her boundless curiosity ensures that the dining experience at the Flagstaff House remains nothing short of exceptional.