Ben Kramer

Executive Sous Chef

Introducing Ben Kramer, our dedicated Executive Sous Chef at the Flagstaff House Restaurant for almost a decade. Ben’s culinary journey started in his hometown of Lawrence, Kansas, where he honed his skills in the fast-casual dining scene. His talent and ambition propelled him to the position of Kitchen Manager at several high-volume establishments in the area.

After a successful year at Mariscos, which is now known as J Wilson’s and renowned for its culinary excellence, Ben felt it was time to embark on a new chapter in his culinary career. His journey led him to the enchanting city of Boulder, where he found his culinary home at the Flagstaff House, working closely with the acclaimed Chris Royster and Mark Monette. Beginning as a Chef Tournant, Ben’s dedication and culinary prowess enabled him to rapidly ascend the ranks to the esteemed role of Sous Chef.

Ben’s passion lies in the art of discovery and creation, continuously seeking to innovate and craft new dishes using the finest and freshest ingredients. He takes immense pride in presenting these culinary creations to our valued patrons at the Flagstaff House.

Beyond the kitchen, Ben finds solace and inspiration in the picturesque mountains of Colorado, which he explores in his free time. Additionally, he cherishes moments spent with his girlfriend, sharing a love for adventure and culinary delights.

Ben Kramer’s unwavering commitment to culinary excellence and his dedication to crafting extraordinary dishes using the finest ingredients make him an invaluable part of the Flagstaff House family. His passion for innovation and quality shines through in every plate he presents, enriching the dining experience for all who visit our restaurant.