Jay Beard

Lead Bartender

A Colorado native, Jay is a veteran of the foodservice industry. In 2013 his eyes were opened to the world of fine dining when he began working at the Flagstaff House as a server assistant. Jay worked his way up to the ranks of Lead Bartender where is currently perfecting his skills and craft.

Jay has been focused and determined to make the bar program at the Flagstaff House the very best that it can be. The bar’s extensive spirits and top-notch cocktails go hand in hand with the superior nature of the Flagstaff House dining experience. Jay’s agility and efficiency were made for the busiest of nights at the restaurant which are his favorite. His work ethic is parallel to none other.

Jay is constantly pushing to achieve the best and never cuts corners. When he is not making drinks for guests he is constantly experimenting with new drinks at home to perfect his craft. In his free time Jay enjoys music concerts, exercise, basketball, and skateboarding. He is also an aspiring architect.