Black Wine Glasses (Tested and Ranked)

In this post we will explain the purposes of black wine glasses, showcase the best black wine glasses to purchase, give cleaning tips and more. Out top picks for black stem wine glasses and stemless black wine glasses.

what are black wine glasses?

Black colored wine glasses are increasing in popularity amongst dinner parties and sommeliers looking to hone their tasting skill set. When dying the glass to a pitch-black color you are removing the visual components of tasting your wine: leaving the experience entirely to your plate or taste buds. This removed visual experience adds a sense of surprise and curiosity to your next sip. The element of surprise makes the taster naturally elevate their attention to both smell and taste. Yes, black wine glasses are a Halloween party must, but they dual purpose for many other reasons that we will detail in this post below. Keep reading to learn more about black wine glasses!

best black wine glasses:

  1. Ravenscroft RCroft Double Blind Black Tasting Glass Glass, Set of 4
    $39.99 ($10.00 / Count)

    These 12 ounce crystal glasses are jet-black and aggressively thin. Built for blind wine tasting and shipped in a beautiful gift box makes for a great gift for your wine loving friend.

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    03/07/2024 04:08 am GMT
  2. Black Wine Glasses Gold Stemmed
    $49.99 ($12.50 / Count)
    • Luxurious and classy! Black glass with a gold rim and stem, you have found the black wine glasses suited for kings and queens. Wonderful wedding gift for those who like to celebrate in style. The Wine Savant Black Color Gold Stem Gold Rimmed Wine Glasses Set is a great addition to your home and kitchen. This set of four wine glasses feature a unique black color with gold around the rim and stem. Enjoy the pleasures of wine in style with these black glass stem gold rimmed wine glasses. The perfect addition to any table setting, these wine glasses come in a set of four and are perfect for gifting or adding to your own glassware collection.
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    03/07/2024 07:29 am GMT
  3. Rakle Stemless Wine Glasses (Black)
    $24.99 $22.99 ($5.75 / Count)

    Halloween winner, the Rackel Stemless Wine Glass is perfect for ease of use. These are low profile and easily fit into the dishwasher. With over 14 ounces of capacity these black wine glasses are extremely versatile. This the bottom half being completely black and the upper half tinted grey you will still find value in a blind tasting experience.

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    03/07/2024 02:16 am GMT
  4. Toasting Flute Glass
    $107.50 ($17.92 / Count)

    Blind tasting champagne? The perfect set of 6 black crystal champagne flutes to add flare to your next event. Dishwasher safe. Clear glass stem with all black bowl.

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    03/07/2024 12:10 pm GMT
  5. Gusto Nostro Stainless Steel Wine Glass
    $44.99 ($22.50 / Count)

    If your house parties usually end with someone accidentally breaking a glass, or perhaps you tend to be a little clumsy then this is the perfect glass for you. Made entirely of stainless steel you are unlikely to have any accidents with these Black Wine Glasses.

    If you want a better wine drinking experience while in the great outdoors then steel wine glasses are the best way to go. The steel helps to keep your wine to the perfect temperature. 18 ounce volume. Available in five different colors.

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    03/07/2024 12:39 pm GMT
  6. Big Betty Jumbo Stemless Wine Glass
    $21.99 ($11.00 / Count)

    These stemless wine glasses are excessively large so order with caution. Perfect for your party goer who can put wine back. These stemless black wine glasses are able to hold and entire bottle of wine. Called Big Betty for a reason the surprise in the glass will also be a surprise in the quantity.

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    03/07/2024 03:34 pm GMT
  7. Stainless Steel Wine Glass Black Plated

    Another stainless steel option for the cautious drinker. Perfect for outdoor events and poolside consumption these glasses are marketed as unbreakable. With beautiful paisley design work on the exterior and 17 ounce capacity this wine glass is great for any occasion.

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  8. Disney Mickey Mouse 1/2 Clear 1/2 Black Glass
    $46.95 for 2

    Less for testing yourself and more for a fun night with your Disney crew.

    The luxurious Disney Collection celebrates Mickey’s global influence and inspiration on pop culture, past, present, and future which is sure to spark happiness for years to come. These beautiful, elegant crystal glasses are handmade in Europe, mouth blown with care by top artisans.

    23 ounce capacity!

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how can a wine glass be black?

Just like hand blown venetian glass, all glass can have colors added. Through a series of adding different minerals and elements to molten clear glass you can create a colored blown glass. Different colors require different recipes to create. These recipes come from other compounds like cobalt, sulfur, uranium, antimony oxide and more. While pretty colors are more so used for vases and display pieces, all black glass makes for a gothic and dim appearance that will help to pronounce the colors surrounding it.

black wine glass buyers tips:

When selecting a traditional wine glass, a buyer is commonly seeking the purest wine drinking experience. Where thin glass and clear wine glasses bring the drinker to be “one with the wine.” See our standard wine glass recommendations here. No blemishes, scratches, or paintings are most popular in the current decade. In the past, wine glasses were a work of art. Often hand painted or served in cut crystal glasses, the wine glass used to be the artwork of the table. Now simple glass is considered modern and colored glass is frowned upon. However, this does not have to be the case. People are getting bored with the same old glass at every restaurant and house party. Consider purchasing an array of stemware to fit your every need and give your guests something to talk about.

Blind-tasting tips in a black wine glass:

When sommeliers and wine enthusiasts embark on a journey of refining their knowledge and tasting skills, they look for anyway to create an advantage. Blind tasting is the art of deciphering a wines origination location, varietal, vintage, and producer all while having no prior knowledge of what wine was poured for you. A seemingly daunting task that is reserved for those with keen attention to visual, aromatic and taste senses. However, adding the elements of surprise to your tasting exercises requires the taster to focus on other details of the wine drinking experience. Visualizing the wine is the first step in the tasting process. By using a well-lit area with a bright back canvas (white table linen), an experiences wine connoisseur can determine a lot about a wine. Such as, depth of color, viscosity, and sugar and alcohol content. All which give you a prejudice on the wines taste before taking a sip. When adding a black wine glass to the mix you already eliminate the first phase of tasting which makes the taster have to make a decision solely based off of the aromatic and tasting steps. This is where the blind taster can truly focus on alcohol, mouth feel, tannin structure, acidity, and of course flavor. Tip: using masking tape you can easily number the outside of the glass to reference your tastings afterwards.

how to clean a black wine glass:

Depending on the suggestions given to you from your purchase, you may have to hand wash your glass. Fortunately, most manufacturers do blow the glass with the black coloring which makes it so that you can easily put your black wine glass in the dishwasher if you choose to. Otherwise, if the glass was painted, you may be out of luck. As paint will diminish over time when washed with harsh chemicals in the dishwasher. When hand washing your glass, use warm to hot water (don’t burn yourself!) with a soft dish soap and sponge, delicately scrub the glass inside and out with the soft side of the sponge. Rinse and repeat at least once before placing your glass on a drying cloth. The most common mistake made when hand washing a glass is improper drying of the glass. If you do not dry your glass properly, you will be left with water spots and a streaky glass. Even with a black glass you will find that particulates in the soap and water will still leave behind a sweaty look. So, remember to take a microfiber cloth to wipe off any remaining water droplets after 5 minutes of air drying. Do not cap or place your wine glass upside down after washing as that will contain the moisture that is trying to air evaporate and leave you with a messy finish.

When to not use black wine glasses:

Black wine glasses are festive and fun for a surprise course on a tasting menu where you can develop great conversation about the wine. They are also the perfect fit for your annual Halloween party. Just remember when this is appropriate, as not everyone loves a surprise, and some will be turned off by a questionable glass with a mystery inside.




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