Travel Boulder: Guide to Boulder’s Natural Attractions

Travel Boulder: Guide to Boulder’s Natural Attractions

“Flagstaff is Boulder’s mountain. Drive to the top of it for some of the region’s best views, and enjoy a high-end dinner at the Flagstaff House where the scenery from your table is as delicious as the dishes.

Flagstaff Mountain is old, for this area. The igneous rock that comprises this mountain dates way, way back about 1.7 billion years (originally as molten minerals deep inside the planet). The mountain you can drive up today is the result of erosion all the way down to the ancient center.”

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Boulder Weekly: Best of Boulder 2024

The Flagstaff House Restaurant is honored to receive awards for the following designations from the Best of Boulder 2024: Gold: Restaurant Service Gold: Fine Dining Silver: Overall Restaurant Silver: Wine Selection Silver: Restaurant Dessert Bronze:

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LoveFood: America’s most beautiful restaurants

6. Flagstaff House Restaurant, Boulder, Colorado “Dining here is a very special experience indeed. Located 6,000 feet (1,829m) up in the Rocky Mountains, Flagstaff House not only offers breathtaking views, but it’s also decorated beautifully,

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We are closed this evening, April 25th, for a private event. We will reopen tomorrow for dinner service.

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