Wall Mounted Wine Racks (Top 10)

everything you need to know about wall mounted wine racks

Stop stashing your wine bottles on a countertop, in a messy cabinet, or in a closet. Stop wasting your time scouring the internet for thousands of concepts and ideas. We created a buyer’s guide to purchasing the perfect wall mounted wine rack for you! Consider displaying your wine bottles as a decorative art piece in your favorite living area. Combine functionality with charm in an easy to instill pleasant on the eye format. Appease the inner sommelier in you by showcasing your collection for your visitors to view. Here we will offer our buying guide for the Top 10 wall mounted wine racks available today. We will discuss functionality and installation tips. You will have a guide to finding the best location in your home or cellar to install your wall wine bottle holder. We will give you tips for the best way to display the labels as well was as help you choreograph wine bottle sequencing.

top 10 best wall mounted wine racks

Our Pick
Acrylic Wine Holder by Gus Modern

The Acrylic Wine Holder by Gus Modern is the modern solution to a home without the luxury of a wine cellar. Store up to 8 bottles on the transparent minimalist wine rack.

Minimalist display that will bend into any wall with easy to clean surface.

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Rustic Barrel Stave Hanging Wooden Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

This wine barrel looking wine rack is simple to install. The mahogany finish offers a beautiful appearance with a six bottle capacity per rack.

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03/07/2024 03:46 am GMT
Cioso Wall Mounted Wine Rack

This 8 bottle wine display is set to organize in alternating format. If you have a wall space that provides extra width this is the perfect way to fill your wall. Made of stainless steel this rack is less than 2 pounds and under 30 inches tall.

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Revue 18 Bottle Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Made in the USA, this 3 foot tall wine rack offers the best storage solution for a short vertical area. With space for two wine bottles per shelf you can maximize your storage efficiency.

Satin black in color made of alloy steel this wall wine bottle holder will last a lifetime.

A single rack can hold up to 18 bottles!

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Wall Mounted Wine Rack

12 bottle metal wine rack, can be divided into 3 bottles, 6 bottles, 9 bottles, 12 bottles for DIY placement. Each individual shelf can hold 3 bottles, 4 shelves can be used individually and can be freely combined according to your needs, saving more space.

Wall wine bottle holder is made of high-quality carbon steel, screwed and perfectly welded, with better load-bearing capacity, surface baking paint process, fine polishing, rust, and abrasion resistance, easy to clean, solid, and practical.

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Ultra Wine Racks Floor-to-Ceiling
  • Bundle includes one (1) stainless steel frame, one (1) sets of three-foot, single-deep horizontal racking and one (1) sets of four-foot, single-deep horizontal racking
  • 1-sided racking system holds up to 21 bottles
  • Designed for ceilings up to 10 feet
  • Post ships in two (2) five-foot sections and are connected in the middle using a coupler
  • This rack creates a floating effect when bottles are store upon it

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03/07/2024 10:23 am GMT
The Rack Co. Wall Series Wall Mount Wine Bottle Rack
  • STYLISH AND MINIMALIST DESIGN: this wall mounted metal wine rack provide a storage solution for a wide range of height and bottle size. This wall mounted wine rack is designed in a way that’s bottle label are always visible. Your wine bottles collection deserve to easily display to impress your guest and start good conversation.
  • QUALITY MATERIAL AND PAINT: This wall mounted wine rack is built with high quality steel and covered with industrial powder coat paint satin black finish to me highest standard for residential or commercial utilisation. Each rod end is cover with a rubber tips that preserve the label from being scratch.
  • INSTALLATION: This wall mounted wine rack are for DIYers and for professional. The design of this wine rack provide easy and intuitive installation. This being said, almost anybody with a screw diver can install this wall mounted wine rack in minutes.

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03/07/2024 10:53 am GMT
J JACKCUBE DESIGN Wall Mount Wine Rack
  • [STYLISH WINE STORAGE HOLDER] The wall wine storage rack showcases a range or different sizes of wine and champagne bottles in a modern fashion and can be stacked for easy reach.
  • [MODERN DISPLAY] Instead of bulky shelves and taking too much space, mount these wooden wine bottle racks on your wall space and display them elegantly on any room.
  • [STURDY CONSTRUCTION] Pick and organize your favorite liquor collections and place above your wine and kitchen bar. It features a total of 9" x 5.3" x 42.9" wrought iron wall mount wine holder that will perfectly support up to 9 bottles of wine bottles with ease.

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03/07/2024 06:34 am GMT
RubaH Wood Wine Rack Wall Mount Wine Bottles Holder
  • Elegant Handmade Design – Simply beautiful wine holder made of solid Paulownia wood for a life long bottle storage and display. Clear matte stain that celebrates the beauty of the natural wood pattern.
  • Wood Wine Rack System– Unique wine Rack Design- Store your favorite Wine Collection
  • Quick & Easy Installation – Hardware included- Display wine holder can be installed in your kitchen, dining room, or wherever you want to enjoy a deliciously fresh bottle.
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W Series 4 Wall Mounted Metal Wine Rack
  • STYLISH, CONTEMPORARY WINE STORAGE: The perfect intersection of size and storage, this metal wine rack showcases a range of height and bottle depths in a modern fashion and can be stacked to reach any commercial or residential collection requirements.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL & SLEEK FINISH: Built with high-quality steel, and offered in satin black, brushed nickel, chrome, or chrome luxe (elevated finish with machine rounded wine rod tips)
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03/07/2024 06:21 am GMT

Why do i need a wall mounted wine rack?

Wine racks provide unique displays that act as art for both home and commercial wine cellars. However, in recent years many have veered away from utilizing and entire room for a wine cellar and brought the wine bottles closer to the consumers (you). Wall mounted wine racks are a convenient way to you to make the most of your blank wall space and to institute organizational tools into your home.

Benefits of a wall mounted wine bottle holder:

  • Temperature (the temperature of your home is perfect for red wine bottle storage, assuming your home does not go far above 70 degrees fahrenheit. However, long term storage requires a lower storing temperature, click here to learn more.)
  • Smart Storage System
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Easy Access
  • Functional
  • Affordable

Where should i install a wall mounted wine rack?

Start by glancing around your dining room, kitchen, wine cellar, or the area of your home where you most frequently enjoy wine. Search for wall space that is not very wide but has a lot of length. Such as a space between a door and a window, or a window and a wall corner. If you were to put a single vertical rack in the middle of a wide-open wall, you will flunk, unless you wanted to create and entire wall of wine. Consider space that is in dire need of a small piece of artwork or shelving. Now measure your desired wall space, ensure that you have at least 15 inches wide for your wine bottles. As most wine bottles are 12 inches in length, you will require some additional clearance space on each side for stocking and movement.


How do i install a wall mounted wine rack?

While most wine racks are not “super easy to install” let’s say a 1 out of 10 on the difficulty scale, the majority are simple to install for someone who is slightly handy. If you have experience hanging pictures and paintings on your own walls, you will be able to install your wall mounted wine rack with a breeze. Consider installation of most wine racks to be a 3 out of 10 on the difficulty scale. You will need a stud finder, drill, drill bits, level, measuring tape, pencil, step ladder, and some valuable time (under 30 minutes). If you are not confident in your abilities please seek the assistance of your friend, local handyman, or handyman sourcing websites. Our recommended wine racks come with an easy to follow, step by step, instructional manual for your install.

When installing your wall mounted wine rack, always seek a wall stud for the best support. Avoid drilling into any plumbing, hvac, or electrical components of your home.

Installation Guide:

  1. Template your area. Center the wine rack on the wall space you have chosen and allow for space on the sides. Visually place the center of the wine rack at eye level (not center on the wall).
  2. Using a measuring tape, confirm the general area you wish you hang your wine rack. Lightly mark your screw placement with a pencil. Just through one screw hole to begin
  3. Using a stud finder locate the nearest stud to your pencil mark. If your stud finder shows a solid light with a loud beep, you are in luck! If not, it will just require one extra step to install plastic wall plugs. These will help to guide your screw. Not to worry, your wine rack will come with installation instructions.
  4.   Drill a pilot hole through the drywall and into the stud into your intended pencil mark. This drill bit must be smaller than the screw you are using to adhere your wine rack.
  5. Move your wine rack into place and bolt your wine rack onto the wall starting with the top screw hole. Use your level to move the rack until it is completely vertical. Move to screw the remaining screw holes into place. If you measured correctly this final step should be a breeze.

how do i know which bottles to display and in what order?

The most fun and exciting part of your new wine rack is designing where to put each bottle for the display. Allow your inner designer to come full circle. Some rules we like to follow for in home use is to prioritize them in importance. Think ‘Top Shelf,’ the more premium products are usually found on the highest tier of bars and displays. Slightly out of reach so no one mistakes the selection for a daily table wine. If you want to organize by region, varietal, or simply by label, go for it; this is your creation. We recommend alternating colorful labels and bottle styles to add depth to your display. If you are setting up multiple vertical displays you will want to consider having the bottles all face one direction, or to invert the bottles so that cork sides face inward for a more closed off look, like the primary photo on this page from our restaurant’s front entryway. Always remember the number one rule to any display, keep the primary label facing outward.

Keep in mind that wall racks are intended for red wine storage, as you would like your white wines to be chilled to temperature in advance of consumption. However, if you plan accordingly, you can certainly store you white on the wine rack for display purposes.

Large format wine bottles will require further discussion and often customization as most wall wine bottle holders are for 750ml bottles only.

wall Wine rack cleaning and Maintenance tips

Our wine rack recommendations have been hand chosen and tested to include ease of cleaning. We love products that require minimal maintenance and are simple to clean. These wall mounted wine racks are all non-porous and have a cleanable surface and finish. To clean your wine rack, take a reusable dish cloth and slightly dampen with warm water, gently rub the cloth around the racks that need cleaning. Another simple way to clean your wine rack is to use compressed air. Compressed air cannisters are classically used to dust electronics but repurposing compressed air for detailed dusting of your wine rack is a breeze.

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